Reef tank temperature

How to make your aquarium temperature lower?

Want to know tips and tricks on how to make the temperature of your aquarium lower? Read this article and you going to find some useful information on how to solve this type of problem.

We all know how frustrating it can be when the temperature of your precious aquarium gets higher and higher. There can be plenty of  reasons why your aquarium temperature gets higher when it needs to be for your fish to stay happy and healthy.

Hot living areas

If you live in an area where a natural weather temperature is pretty high, it is not a surprise that the water temperature of your fish tank gets higher. In these types of areas people usually tend to own air conditioners is their home area, but sometimes air conditioners can’t chill all of the houses, so there is always a possibility that some of the aquariums that you own going to have a much higher temperature than others.

Reef tank lower temperature gadgets


Another reason why your fish tank temperature is higher when it should be naturally is the gadget that you use in your fish tank. For example, if the problem of high water temperature is in the marine fish tank, the cause of it can be the equipment of your marine fish tank. To be exact, usually, these problems are caused by various fish tank lights, that produce a lot of heat or, the temperature can be raised by fish tank pumps that produce heat by working.

Why temperature is important?

The average optimal water temperature for the saltwater fish tank is approximately 78 degrees. Even slight temperature differences can cause a lot of harm to your fish. Higher saltwater temperatures are great for algae producing and they can consume a lot of oxygen for your fish tank and can cause dangerous conditions for your aquarium reefs or fishes. 


If you want to avoid such things, you must consider buying a high-quality aquarium chiller for your fish tank. Even though a lot of people that live in high-temperature areas and have air conditioners, you simply can not leave the air conditioner on the whole time, especially if you are not at home, this is why an aquarium chiller may come in handy.   

Reef tank water chiller

What is aquarium chiller?

The purpose of an aquarium water chiller is to lower the temperature of your fish tank water if it is needed. These type of gadgets maintains safe water temperature for your fish tank. You can control the aquarium water chiller and set the temperature that your fishes need. If you have a small aquarium and want to keep it minimalistic and to keep and impression of a low-tech fish tank, you can choose an external aquarium chiller that basically would not be visible.


Here is a couple of tips how to keep your aquarium chiller working perfectly, chose a good quality water pump, keep your aquarium chiller in a well-ventilated area, make sure that the chiller always has water in it, clean fans and condenser fins regularly from dust, make sure that you remove all of the calcium build-ups from the mechanism.